Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Je suis content.

Yesterday was a nice day. Although school is bleh, I have 3 cavities to be filled and drilled today, I see my boyfriend maybe twice a week and Pushing Daisies is no longer on air I am so joyful and content. I owe this to my Lord.
I need to take pictures of my now fall decorated porchy!
I am so eager to learn. I'm currently in a theology class and have a tab open called intro. to quantum mechanics :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

What the What!

It is morning and I've got my windows open to fall breezes while eating toast, drinking coffee and watching the legacy of Alfred Hitchcock.
I had a nice time in Austin this weekend, got some fall decorations with my mama, played a lonely but fun show at Cafe Pacha and had our first theology class at church.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After class today I had a dentist appointment (my first in over two years I'm ashamed to say). Well, the verdict was 3 cavities and a scolding for eating so many sweets. I looked the dentist straight in the eye and said, "I'm not giving them up! A life without sweets is no life for me!" He said he liked my honesty and surely the new toothpaste they gave (well sold) me will help.
After mama and I had a date at the tea room where I had one of my favorite meals: 1/2 veggie sandwich + Greek salad + hot jasmine green tea with lemon. Mhmmmm.
After introducing Pushing Daisies to my mama back at home I played some Bball with Carrie and Jordan!
Now I must get to my drawing homework as I happily eat ice cream and watch Pushing Daisies season 2.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21st, 2010.

Today I:

1. Went to costume design.
2. Drove to Austin and had lunch with Matt and his coworker friends!
3. Got groceries from Whole Foods and Pushing Daisies season 2.
4. Did some homework and ate some ice cream.
5. Went for a nice walk.
6. Watched some Pushing Daisies... still am right now :)

Now my boy is coming this way for Bible study!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Weekend!

What a weekend full of wonders!

THURSDAY was my birthday and mama and I had a lovely time in Austin. The movie musical at the Drafthouse that night was SO GOOD! We danced, we sang, we had milkshakes!
On FRIDAY I began my day with a 10 mile run!... gotta get ready for that half marathon :)
After a nice massage mama and I had the yummy Gruene tea room (I had my veggie sammy), then my brudder took me to Hastings where he let me pick out anything I wanted. Going on recommendations I bought my now new favorite T.V. show... Pushing Daisies! So goood!
That night I ate my sweetest friend Ashley's strawberry cupcakes she made for me while we watched said show.
SATURDAY was spent mostly in my apartment, cleaning and watching the Jerk with my daddy while he hung pretty things on my wall. That night we all went to Cedars then back to the Byrums for dancing and Muppets.
Now SUNDAY was super sweet. Matty and I went to Mothers Cafe and since Pushing Daisies is about a pie maker we got warm blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream <3 Then he took me to Urban and bought me a romper :) He is a swell fella.
After seeing Catfish we all went to church and praised God and learned good things.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sleepy Baby.

I want to make lists right now even though my brain is still a bit asleep.

Things to do today:
Drill things
School and acting things

I watched the first episode of Pushing Daisies and LOVED IT. I'm so excited to have a new t.v. show.
The first season of Gilmore girls is on right now and it is perfection.

I want to learn how to sew.

I need to figure out who I'm going to be for Halloween.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It is your birthday.

Hahah remember when Dwight is in charge of decorating for Kelly's birthday???

Well it is indeed the anniversary of my birth. I couldn't sleep due to back pain/excitement but now I'm enjoying a morning of coffee, An Education, nice music and a cozy cold apartment.
Mama will be here in a couple of hours to whisk me away to Austin for a day of shopping and nail salons.
We are trying a new restaurant called Mothers today for lunch then will proceed to do girly things until we meet our men for dinner at Annie's. After dinner will be cupcakes and the Drafthouse musical sing-along event.
I'm very excited for this day to begin. Until then I will play guitar and try to come up with songs for the Nancy Drew Musical I want to write :0

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, Monday.

I had quite a lovely weekend to kick off my BIRTHDAY WEEK! Yes, I'm taking the whole week even though I have quite a bit of work to do in the first half. My birthday is on Thursday and I'm so excited :)

Anyhoodle! Friday night we all watched Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Byrum's house and had quite a swell time doing the time warp. I had to leave early, however, because on Saturday morning I woke up early to run the Gruene 10K. I had a blast with my mama running and eating breakfast after. I was super sleepy the rest of the day but still had a lovely time with Matt and his family in San Antonio celebrating Grandma Lindley's 91st birthday... she is the tops. On Sunday Matty and I ventured to Austin where I got a cupcake and friends and church followed by dinner at Magnolia Cafe.

Beautiful weekend. Love my friend, love my Matty but miss my family! I will get to see them this week though for MY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sigh. Lately I've been confronted with the question "Who am I and what am I doing?" In one of my classes we are reading a book called the Hero Within which basically is supposed to help us identify with six universal archetypes so we can gauge who we are and what part of our quest or journey we are currently on. Whatever!!!!
I know that is a completely juvenile response but I'm still trying to reconcile this whole thing with acting and the quest that I'm trying to be on which is girl trying to get a degree.
I have found myself not in books like this but in Jesus. I've learned how bloody awful I can be... seriously so selfish that it was disheartening me. But I can already tell that just by turning my focus, my heart and soul to Jesus who gives grace and mercy that I can stop wasting time trying to make myself better and just accept my past and proceed on to the present and future.
As Donald Miller says... we need to stop asking how questions (like reading how to books) and start asking why!
I'm too tired to focus and project the image of myself that I think people will love and accept and just simply be... feel with out guilt of consequence of how me feeling that way will be perceived by others.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Morning.

I love the morning, the soft light of a new day that reminds me that I can forget the pains of yesterday being mindful to remember the lessons learned.
With a well-rested body, a well-rested mind and a well-rested soul I begin cleansed.