Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring break is coming to an end and for the future I wanted to write down all the things I did this past week:

1. Walker breakfast dinner.
2. Scared the heck out of Bueche
3. Filmed.
4. Won a songwriter's competition.
5. Was put on the radio for the first time!
6. Watched scream 1&2
7. Had the perfect day with Jo! (Gilmore, massages, the Tea room)
8. Wrote new songs.
9. Played Nancy Drew.
10.Enjoyed the gorgeous weather.
11.Accumulated more freckles.
12.Tonight I will be officially celebrating Matt's and my 3 year anniversary. (I was extremely sick on the 23rd of Feb. so tonight is the night!)
13.Officially fell in love with Dead Man's Bones.

And much more!

I love spring time!

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