Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jesus Pt. 2: Born Again.

I have been in touch with my soul lately and I have found it neglected and depressed. I have realized my quest for happiness (a journey we are all on in one way or another) has been superficial at best.
My solution for joy has been wrapped tightly within the part of me that can be seen (my looks, my youth etc) and that misjudgment of the source of contentment has led to addictions, dangerous addictions.
I find my mind rarely wonders to the needs of others but is almost always tied to myself. I wake up in the morning and obsess over whether I will find time to exercise or what food I will eat in order to stay fit and when I don't exercise or eat too much a horrible guilt suffocates me and only perpetuates the evil cycle.
These obsessions are just like people's addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, money, sex and yes religion. They are all signs of the person's desire for contentment and relief, selfish wanting of joy that seems impossible to find on this earth at times.
So after coming to this realization last night, I thought of Jesus. Is it so crazy why His teachings focused on reaching outside of oneself and journeying to the poor and helpless? It is there we find God. At our deepest despair, when there is nothing clouding our vision of truth.
I see people who have nothing yet still have hope and joy yet I hear of America's millionaires committing suicide?
Whether you believe that Jesus is God's Son, Messiah, Savior... you can find truth in his teachings. My idea of joy and happiness cannot be found within my selfishness but in the death of me. "Born again?" Yes please.

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