Monday, January 3, 2011

I don't ever want to forget that moment!

On New Year's Eve right at midnight I welcomed 2011 as an engaged woman!

The whole night was beautiful. Matt and I hosted a wonderful party at my family's lake house where we grilled, sat with blankets under twinkly lights, shot off fire works, made a fire in the fire pit and DANCED. Oh yeah we danced!
With five minutes to midnight we gathered in a circle (all 30-40 of our dearest friends/family) as the neighbors shot off pretty fireworks. We started the countdown at 30 seconds. 30 29 28... everyone was screaming!... 15 14 13... I was distracted by all the fireworks happening and Chris holding a massive one that he would soon light and nearly burn himself severely... 5 4 3... Matt had to yell my name twice to get me to look over at him... 2...1... Then everything went silent and blurred. I looked over at Matt as he asked, "Will you marry me?" He proceeded to get down on one knee. Despite all the commotion it was as if it was just him and me standing there in the middle of muffled shouts and sparkling lights. I need to see the pictures to see my face because I hear it was a good and shocked one. My favorite part was being able to sense in that moment how nervous/excited my boy was. All the anticipation of the countdown collided in an epic moment!

I'm so so so so joyful and happy that so many people I love were in the same place for such a special night.

Matt and I decided yesterday that it is impossible for anyone else to have better friends!

Please be praying for us... we will keep everyone updated on when our little wedding will happen!

For now we will continue to bliss out on each other and the fact that we are both marrying our bestest/dumbest friend.

Love you all!


  1. Betsy and Matt! That is SO AWESOME! Congratulations and Kristie and I will hold you up in our prayers. I know we've not spent time together but I do follow you both on Facebook and try to keep up with where you are singing, etc. Thanks for sharing your story! God bless you both.

    Ben E. Brady and Kristie Brady

  2. love it! so sad i wasn't there to witness this wonderful event. i couldn't not be more excited for you both! you are both so loving and totally meant for each other. i will be praying for your engagement and marriage! i love the twos of you!!