Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Recipe for Toast!

You know how all those swanky blogs always have recipes well this is my first one! And it's for toast...

I eat it nearly every morning and it may seem like a simple thing but noooo it ain't!

Here we go:


What you will need:

1. Good bread... I use Rudy's organic breads.

2. Good nut butter, y'all. I'm using Justin's organic classic peanutbutter but switch it up and use almond or heck cashew (I've never tried it... it scares me)

3. Agave nectar, honey or maple syrup.

4. Cut up bananas or strawberries or anything really that would be turned in to a jam but isn't yet so it is better... see?

Alrighty. First off toast the bread (important right?). while you are doing this you can be retrieving your ingredients, chopping fruit, putting on coffee. This makes the noise of the popping up toast very exciting because you aren't watching it and it goes "pop" and you go, "yay my toast is ready." Now carefully pick up toasted bread that has reached your desired level of toastiness (I like it over medium.. if I wanted soft bread heck I wouldn't be making toast!)
This is important! Have you nut butter ready for application. You want the warmth of the bread to soften the butter and it smooths so much better! Once applied, Now lightly drip agave nectar across the top (This ain't no toaster strudel, a little goes a long way!) I like adding that twinge of sweetness because most good nut butters don't have sugar added which gives you control of the sweetness!
Now time for the fruit. Jam is so sweet and wonderful and I love it dearly but lately I have been just straight up adding bananas and strawberries and blueberries and blackberries to my toast... It is healthier and I prefer it. (give me a biscuit and be ready to hand me that jam but this is different I feel)
Now you can choose to clean up now or leave it for after you eat. I usually go ahead and put things up but always decide to have another piece and regret putting everything away.
Now your coffee should be ready and you add a little cream (I don't need sugar because of the twinge of sweetness to my toast!)

There you have it! I can't believe I just wrote how I make toast.

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