Wednesday, November 17, 2010


He reached the top of the stairs and immediately saw double doors opened to a pale-lit room. “Mrs. Godwin?” There was no reply. Theodore stepped into the shadowed room looking above him at the decaying ceiling and below him at the dark stained floors. He approached the window as if a moth to a flame, drawn to the only light available. Darkness was around him, encroaching upon his spot lit frame. His foot hit something, what he soon noticed as a rocking chair, the same he had noticed in the pictures of the young men. He then looked to the window and realized it was also the same. The heat from the room, the damp and dirty air all seemed to contribute to the boy’s fleeting consciousness. “What is happening to me?” Theodore asked himself. He rested his hand on the windowsill for he found he could hardly hold himself up. The room faced the back field behind the house that held a single peach tree, struggling it seemed to hold itself up as well. It was dying.
A slight creek caused Theodore to turn around with a shocking movement. The jolt caused his legs to buckle and for his body to find the chair with slight relief. A glowing glare came from the shadows as Theodore tried to hide his eyes from it. He was now squinting in an attempt to make out what was causing this growing discomfort.
“Teddy dear.” The voice was bold and jagged. “Mrs… God… win.” He responded without breath. A skeleton hand soon appeared holding the same knife the old woman had used to cut the pie, peach pieces oozing down the blade and onto the floor. The rest of her petite body soon accompanied the haunted hand, both now a few steps from Theodore in the dim light from the setting sun.
Theodore could no longer move. “I’m glad you liked the pie, son.” His eyes wondered to the right side of the encroaching figure where he found a black camera resting on its stand. His helpless body crouched low in the wooden chair, his eyes fighting to stay open. He used his last strength to stare at the now towering face above him.
“Teddy dear, how would you like to become my 13th ribbon?”

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