Friday, November 12, 2010


His lines were now delivered and an awkward moment of silence followed as if the crowd did not deem the actor worthy to be praised with applause after his monologue. Theodore shifted his eyes for he found eye contact to be much too intimidating with Mrs. Godwin, even if she came up well below his shoulders.
As if awakened shockingly from sleep, a smile presented itself swiftly across the old woman’s face. “Well Teddy, I don’t have much need for a vacuum, my floors are good ole hardwood.” She leaned to the side so the boy could see into her home. There were indeed hardwood floors but in severe need of cleaning and maintenance. The stairs were to the left, hugging the wall towards the second story and straight ahead was a room that Theodore took for the kitchen. “Ahh, I see. Well if there is ever any other appliance you’re in need of, you know where to find the best deals.” “Well I’m mighty happy you stopped by because my poor knees can’t take the trek down my hill towards town so I don’t get out much, don’t get to see many people.” Theodore noticed the pitiful look that came over her oval face and the sadness appear in her small brown eyes. “I know ma’am. Your house is a little off my route but I decided to check in on you anyways.” Her face lit up at this notion and she grabbed Theodore’s hand in appreciation. The boy was surprised at the strong grip of the petite lady. “Say, Teddy how about you come in for a nice cool glass of lemonade and a piece of peach pie.”
Theodore knew he had a number of houses left on his day’s assignment and that his father would be angry if he was late getting back to the store, but lemonade sounded heavenly to the overheated salesman and he had once heard that “crazy” Mrs. Godwin used to be famous for her pies in the county fair. “Why sure Mrs. Godwin, that sounds very nice.”
The old lady did not let go of his hand and Theodore did not want to admit that the elderly woman was almost hurting it as she led him through the door. The temperature did not change from the outside unfortunately for the salesman. In fact, it was much worse now that he was inside for the cool breeze was now locked out by the dark walls and the air felt thick and stagnant. “Right this way Teddy.” Mrs. Godwin led him past the foyer into the room after the stairs, which was indeed the kitchen. The whole house felt dark, no lighting or lamps could be found although ironically you would need them to find them. There was a shallow flood of light from what Theodore assumed was an upstairs window but even in the kitchen the windows were small and blocked by the sky blue shutters. At first the boy was pleased with the smell of a freshly baked pie he noticed hot from the oven but then his nose found the stench the pie was attempting to mask.

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