Monday, January 11, 2010


Why do days pass so swiftly when you are finally on a break? The weather is gorgeous outside. Mama and I just got in from a run/walk and now I want to curl up in the hammock with a blanket and Roald Dahl.... or play my Nancy Drew game.
I made this blog to be able to look back at life down the road and hopefully gain some followers. I'm working on music and acting a lot at the moment and hope to keep pursuing that and getting better and better and better. I'm also writing. I hope to post some of my short stories on here. Maybe?
We are working on buying a new car pour moi. We are either getting it today or tomorrow. I don't understand loans, insurance and all that crazy stuff. I'm 21... is that bad? I don't want to know :) but I should.
I miss Matty and want Jordan to come over and watch Little Women!

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