Monday, January 18, 2010

The Lovely Bones and Cinnamon Rolls.

To quote one of my songs, "Windows open I can feel the breeze brush my heart. It can see with eyes, the light in the dark. Oh how it sees past all my skin. Past the cage of hollow bones it's trapped within.... I awake with the sun oh as the day before. Beating my fists till I can't beat anymore. Oh how I see past this so called livin. Past the cage of hollow hopes I'm trapped within."

Matty and I saw the Lovely Bones last night and it really was lovely. It was such a beautiful reminder that whether you live until you are 14 or 104, life is like a flash of a camera. We are here one moment and gone another with only a snapshot of actions and memories left behind.

There are a few things I'm certain of in this life:
1. Love is real. I believe God is love and though I don't understand .00001 % of His greatness, I've still been given the moments of knowing THERE IS MORE.
2. There is evil in this world and sometimes bad things happen. This is hard to battle with but through great tragedy comes great compassion.
3. I have great love for people in my life.
4. We all have a talent.
5. Humans are in more control then they would like to believe sometimes.
6. The earth is a beautiful place.
7. We need each other... not to judge but to love. Galations 6!
8. Light trumps the dark. Woo!
9. There are some really amazing and delectable food concoctions that have been formed and I thank those who have made it possible for me to be enjoying coffee and a cinnamon roll right now.
10. Imagination means more than we know.

Oh and 11. Matthew Lindley will always be at least a little late :) I'm waiting on him right now to go to the zoo!

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