Saturday, January 23, 2010


It is an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning! I slept in until 12:30 after staying up until five watching the Jerk and talking with my dear friends Reagan and Nathanael. Bernadette Peters is so cute in that movie and Steve Martin is one of my heroes.
Well I awoke this morning and couldn't wait to get outside. I went for a little run and plan on staying gross and sweaty all day because I see lots of walks and tennis playing in my future... with mama! and hopefully Jo!
Right now I'm drinking good coffee and eating toast with raw organic almond butter! yummmmy! Speaking of yummy, I have to make a confession. I've always been opposed to starbucks for their yucky tasting coffee and high prices but Mrs. Lindley gave me a gift card to the chain so I decided to get a latte (you can barely taste the coffee so it was great!) and a cupcake. May I just say, "Ohhhh my gaaarsh!" The red velvet are great but my favorite is the vanilla bean. I still have 3 dollars left on the card and I'm hoping to go today to get me some goodness! I love cupcakes :)
Well I have some cleaning to do before I head to New Braunfels!
Oh and a new yoga studio opened right next door to my apartment. I may start doing yoga as long as I can work up a sweat running before :)

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