Sunday, October 17, 2010

October Sunday Morning!

This weekend has been a swift but wonderful one. On Friday morning I had an audition in Austin. It only took ten minutes so I was looking at an entire day in Austin ahead of me. First I stopped at a goodwill (it's always nice to visit ones in different towns) and got some darn good stuff. Then I went to my favorite little vintage shop on south Lamar and paroozed around until it was time for me to go to lunch with my boy. I was nice and let him choose thundercloud. I was so tired so I got a latte and drank it in Matty's office until my parking time was up.
Now I was impressed and proud with what happened next. I was told to try the Austin Antique Mall but had never been there. I was a bit nervous of getting lost but darn it I did it! I found the place and continued to get lost (the good kind of lost) in it for 2 hours. I love antique shopping by myself because there is no one there to get annoyed when I do my third loop around each vendor's station.
After shopping it was now time to see Never Let Me Go at 4:25 at the drafthouse on S. Lamar. I got there in time to see the other four people (all alone) who would be watching it "with me" scattered across the theatre.
The movie was beautiful but SAD. There was a chilling scene... that I actually can't explain because it would give too much away.
But perfectly the movie let out at 6:15, just in time for me to meet Matt after work. We chillaxed for a while then went to Whole Foods and got lots of good things to go and proceeded to have a picnic in his room while watching Bored to Death (I'm sorry... I don't love it.)
Oh my! That was just Friday!
Saturday I ran a little run, cleaned, ran some errands and then we all went over to the Byrums to watch the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (the cartoon with Bing Crosby!) and then the original House on Haunted Hill!!! After I read some American folklore scary stories we all ventured to the cemetery once the clock striked midnight. There were several attempts to scare one another as we walked amongst the moonlit headstones but I think I was the only successful one when I jumped at Reagan.
Ashley and I parted from the boys hoping to scare them but little did we know that they had already gone back to the cars so there we lied on neighboring graves thinking we heard the boys making noises around us.... now I wonder who was making the rustles and pings :) After 15 minutes we finally headed down to the large iron gates where we saw our two cars waiting for us... their headlights shining at us. We walked slowly like zombies towards them... pretty cool!
Ahhh I love Halloween.

Okay I gots to go get ready for yet another day in Austin! Church day, yay!

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