Friday, October 8, 2010

The word "Christian" is not meant to be an adjective. When you place the word that should be used as a verb (us taking the actions Jesus called for us to take in love) and put it before music, man, car or company... the nouns that soon replace them are nut job, jerk, extremist.
I recently heard a story about an old classmate of mine who thought it necessary to witness to a coworker just because he didn't know any "popular" Christian music. So because I don't listen to Klove does that mean I don't love Jesus?
When we use the word that is meant to show our humbleness and respect to the man we truly believe is the savior of our souls and place it before music that very well may have been made to sound just like every other song of its kind with no heart or purpose behind it... "Christian" loses a bit of its meaning and power.
I'm not saying all Christian music is with out heart and true love... There are a few artists who I can tell have meaning in their words and aren't just generic drones.
Most of my songs are very spiritual because they come from inside of me and from me looking at creation and the ways it reflects God.
Just be careful how you throw out the term Christian because I feel like most of what it is associated with today isn't of Jesus at all.

Also... if you have a bumper sticker saying something about Jesus and then angrily cut people off in traffic... you may want to think about taking it off.
It is our responsibility to try our hardest to represent Christ's perfection and love!
Let people know who you follow by what you do. I fail everyday but we all gots to keep trying, ya'll!

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