Monday, September 20, 2010

My Weekend!

What a weekend full of wonders!

THURSDAY was my birthday and mama and I had a lovely time in Austin. The movie musical at the Drafthouse that night was SO GOOD! We danced, we sang, we had milkshakes!
On FRIDAY I began my day with a 10 mile run!... gotta get ready for that half marathon :)
After a nice massage mama and I had the yummy Gruene tea room (I had my veggie sammy), then my brudder took me to Hastings where he let me pick out anything I wanted. Going on recommendations I bought my now new favorite T.V. show... Pushing Daisies! So goood!
That night I ate my sweetest friend Ashley's strawberry cupcakes she made for me while we watched said show.
SATURDAY was spent mostly in my apartment, cleaning and watching the Jerk with my daddy while he hung pretty things on my wall. That night we all went to Cedars then back to the Byrums for dancing and Muppets.
Now SUNDAY was super sweet. Matty and I went to Mothers Cafe and since Pushing Daisies is about a pie maker we got warm blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream <3 Then he took me to Urban and bought me a romper :) He is a swell fella.
After seeing Catfish we all went to church and praised God and learned good things.

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