Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sigh. Lately I've been confronted with the question "Who am I and what am I doing?" In one of my classes we are reading a book called the Hero Within which basically is supposed to help us identify with six universal archetypes so we can gauge who we are and what part of our quest or journey we are currently on. Whatever!!!!
I know that is a completely juvenile response but I'm still trying to reconcile this whole thing with acting and the quest that I'm trying to be on which is girl trying to get a degree.
I have found myself not in books like this but in Jesus. I've learned how bloody awful I can be... seriously so selfish that it was disheartening me. But I can already tell that just by turning my focus, my heart and soul to Jesus who gives grace and mercy that I can stop wasting time trying to make myself better and just accept my past and proceed on to the present and future.
As Donald Miller says... we need to stop asking how questions (like reading how to books) and start asking why!
I'm too tired to focus and project the image of myself that I think people will love and accept and just simply be... feel with out guilt of consequence of how me feeling that way will be perceived by others.

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